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We are committed to provide the necessary programs to assist our members which encompass both monetary aid and support covering agricultural, medical, educational and shelter centered around several ecosystems which ensure the survival of humanity as a whole in this age of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and the Singularity Factor. 


To fulfill a humanitarian program in line with the protection and preservation of the historical identity of the people of the Philippines and the historical Maharlika Empire as a whole. 

We, the Official Maharlika Association (OMA) aims to be the driving force in the rebirth of our historical identity and to become a united platform for all countries and all Maharlikans who were part of the history of this geographical area and all “WILL’s” signed and bequeathed to humanity.

Preserve Our Maharlikan Identity



To provide “happiness” to the people and their families.


To advocate “unity” among all members and stakeholders.


To develop a global “mindset” to protect and conserve the historical Maharlika Empire.


To provide “assistance” to our fellow Maharlikans as and when it is needed.


To remain “neutral” and non-political with our views to serve humanity as a whole.


To remain “independent” in our hearts and minds so we may always see what is true and what is false.


To advocate the “truth” always so truth may prevail always. 


To “yearn” for our historical identity is good ; so it may live for generations to come.

Global HQ : Philippines

OMA does NOT solicit investments as per SEC incorporation. Please exercise caution in dealing with other organizations using the Maharlika brand which are not associated in any way with the Official Maharlika Association.

Please report any group or individual using the Maharlika brand to charge fees for ID’s, merchandise, insurance, franchises etc. to or text +63 947 460 9497.

The OMA logo with the rising sun is owned by the OMA and it’s brand designer and is strictly not to be used for any other purpose but to distribute our various aid programs to the people.